Laying the foundations of the future PAPADOPOULOS BROS OE Group of Enterprises has been active in the overall field of contract furniture for more than 50 years and enjoys the utmost recognition both in the Greek market and in the foreign countries where it exports.

Describing a dynamic path of growth for a number of years, PAPADOPOULOS Group is unquestionably the Leader in its field, offering unique products and services which fulfil every demand and exploit the facilities of all companies in the best of ways.

PAPADOPOULOS BROS OE group’s vertical production process spans from the study and design stage, to the certified final production and delivery of the products.

This is one of the elements which ensure the complete coverage of professional furniture,poufs,pilows requirements of every company, from the private and public sector.

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars as well as companies looking for comprehensive solutions for the office, describe the group’s extended clientele both from Greece and the international market.

All products undergo the strictest quality controls, and are fully covered by the group’s technical support department!

All around coverage The primary production stage in PAPADOPOULOS Group’s factories in Greece and abroad, combined with the large imported quantities from selected partners, ensure the market’s best prices, without any “sales” in the quality of products.

The experience and training of the Group’s personnel guarantee the best possible results in the study, design, implementation and optimal exploitation of all spaces.

By meeting the requirements and requests of each customer separately, we offer products and services that are “tailored to fit” your desires.

As a result of this, we regularly maintain the largest collection of furniture,poufs,pilows and related articles in Greece, satisfying the most demanding expectations in the best of ways.

An exporting force The international activities of Group and the 50 years of its products’ dynamic presentation all over the world proves in the best way the quality of the name who signs each product.

Full description of bidding products PAPADOPOULOS GROUP OF COMPANIES use for any production of products the best raw materials for indoor or outdoor using. We produce poufs and pillows with textile for outdoor using with raw material from textile PVC ,ACRYLIC,POLYESTER , VINYL.

Also we produce second textile inside from polyester to protect the poufs from moisture and bad conditions from the weather like sun or rain , at the and we put plastic polypropylene zip and not metal galvanized like our competitors companies.

We produce wooden furniture with raw material from local market wood and we use varnish for wood like using order for indoor or outdoor . We produce furniture from steel or aluminum or inox like using order for indoor or outdoor.



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